About us

About us as breeders and German Shepherds by Denmark

Welcome to our website, Kennel Burgenda's - German Shepherds by Denmark

We are located in Denmark, on a little sunny island called Bornholm, in the Baltic Sea.

We are DKK certified breeders and we have the mandatory DKK breeding education. Furthermore we are certified as dog trainers at Schæferhundeklubben for Danmark.

We breed after the recommendations of the German Shepherd Dog Club and the DKK recommendations. We also follow the rules and recommendations in SV and GSDCA, which we are also members of. 

Breeding high quality German Shepherd Dogs is our passion, and it shows in each and every dog sold from us. We only breed with healthy dogs, that have had their hips and elbows tested, and with great results. Also, the dogs have to be great family dogs, and they must have a great mind set too. We breed to make puppies that will be great with families and with kids; also we want our puppies to have a strong character and personality, great temperament and strong nerves.  We also breed them to be great show dogs and working dogs too. We make a big deal out of educating and showing our dogs all year around. We breed, train and show world class German Shepherd Dogs.

Our dogs are FCI registered with Dansk Kennel klub/Danish Kennel Club and AKC pedigree. We breed high end, world class German Shepherd Dogs, and we breed after the German Shepherd Dogs recommended standard. We have a DKK breeding education. We breed after the recommendations of the German Shepherd Club and DKK recommendations. We also follow the rules and recommendations in GSDCA and SV (Verein fur Deutsche Schaferhunde) in Germany, and we are members of both.

 We breed to make the breed better, this is a passion of ours, and not a money making machine. This is why our cost is kept low, and our spirits high.  

We export puppies to USA, in cooperation with German Shepherds by Denmark, owned by our daughter, Mette Crooks, who lives in Wellington, Colorado. German Shepherds by Denmark and Kennel Burgenda's, has already sold puppies all over the USA; including Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, Virginia, South Dakota and Wyoming.

German Shepherds by Denmark makes it easy for you to get your new family member. We take care of the shipping from Denmark to Colorado, and we are happy to help registering your dog with AKC. We sell our puppies with full FCI registration and breeding rights as well. If you live in another state than Colorado, and can’t drive here to pick your puppy up, then we can ship the puppy with United Airlines, to any state in USA (for an extra cost). We make sure this is a great experience for you and your family, and we will always be available for any questions you would have, before you buy and after you get your puppy. We want a lifelong relationship with all our puppies and their new owners, because it’s important to us to know how everyone is doing, and make sure you feel comfortable with everything. If down the road, you have new questions; please feel free to contact us.

We take our dogs to Germany for training and education with an internationally known, and highly desired German Shedperd Dog trainer. He does an amazing job, and he educates our dogs to get IGP1-IGP3. He is well known and highly respected in the German Shepherd world.