Our N-litter from 2022

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All the puppies have found their loving homes. They still play and test their mother's patience - which is quite big. However, Mums have their limits as well and some manners must be taught before they are ready for new adventures.


If you are interested in a puppy from our next litter (Fall 2022/Spring 2023) please contact us.

Please contact us for more details and registration on our waiting list.

Email: mette.crooks@hotmail.com

Mobile: (970) 443-8011

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Our E-Litter from 2019

Elskling Min

Estrella Damm

  • What's up?

  • Elskling Min

  • Estrella Damm

  • Living a happy life

  • Playing and chasing

  • Just having fun

Our E-Litter born on January 27th 2019

Exit Snowflake

Aicha and Bambam got a litter of 9 puppies on January 27th

4 of these charming troublemakers found the best possible new families in Colorado and in Wyoming.

Mette Crooks and Vestegnen's Bambam, IPO3 & AK-DE for Lifetime

Our C-Litter from January 2018

This beauty is Cruella de Vil. She was a stunning puppy as well.

Cella Ronda & Cruella de Vil

Crestforever Cirka and Costa

From time to time we get the opportunity to sell top quality puppies from breeders in Denmark, which are exclusively selected.

This puppy, Crestforever Cirka found her new home in Colorado. Her sister Costa found her forever family in New York.

Here's a link to look at the pedigree:

Sire: VA4 DK Team Marlboro Morgan


Dam: Amajero's Amazing


Cirka on the scent track for the first time